16 February, 2021


29 Aprel, 2020

11 Sèptèmber, 2018

Spich di Drs. Marilyn Alcalá-Wallé Minister di ESKD

Tremendo komienso di e Konferensha KONSTRYENDO FUTURO na UOC, organisá pa Fundashon pa Skol Humanista na Papiamentu.

Na apertura presidente di FSHP sr. ing. Oswin Martina a para ketu pa rindí  “Tributo Spesial na kuater persona ku a duna Masha hopi mes pa por a hiba nos na e dia speshal históriko aki dje konferensha “KONSTRUYENDO FUTURO, 

  1. Late Prof. Dr. Frank Martinus Arion

  2. Late Drs. Eric La Croes

  3. Late Drs  Renny Maduro and

  4. Late  Mr. Philip Nieuw

Siguientemente Minister di Enseñansa Siensia Kultura i Deporte drs. Marilyn Alcalá-Wallé a realisá e apertura ofisial.

Athunto e spich di Minsiter Marilyn Alcalá-Wallé i un reportage fotográfiko.

Good afternoon,

Protocol has been served 

Welcome to all the participants to this wonderful and extremely important conference on mother tongue based bilingual secondary education. And a sincere word of thanks to FSHP for organizing a conference concerning language as an important instrument to teach and transmit information and empower better education.


Also a word of thank to FSHP for your vision and determination to realize a bilingual secondary school in Curaçao in English and Papiamentu. I realize that the way to reach this mile was a long long one, including different challenges and financial constraints. But we are finally at a point of no return, and looking into the Bright Future ahead of us. I am quite sure and most of all very confident that the ones at FSHP who have been appointed to accomplish this mission will be totally committed, devoting all their skills and determination to make the bilingual secundary school a huge succes. We are all aware of the importance of mother tongue in education. It’s also well known that a strong mother tongue foundation equips children with the skills they need to learn additional languages, allowing them to transfer their understanding of the structure of language to several new languages.Mother tongue is the language that a person grows up speaking from childhood. It’s also known as the first language or native language. Being fluent in his mother tongue benefits an individual in many ways. Mother tongue education is an important step in language learning for children.

In fact, there are studies which show that students who have

initially started their learning in their home language, seem to

have a better ability to learn other languages and

generally develop good language skills later in life. 

Learning does not start in school. It starts in the home and

in the learner’s mother tongue. Parents need to communicate

with their children in the mother tongue to not just

facilitate better learning but also to connect them to their

culture and history.So Papiamentu is our native language

and should be more integrated in school wherever possible.

The stronger the children’s mother tongue, the easier it is

for them to learn new languages.Mother tongue has a very

important role in children’s overall development. When children

develop their skills in two or even three languages, they get

a deeper understanding of how to use different languages

effectively and are more flexible in their thinking and acting.


Finally I want to Thank all the eloquent speakers for their

contribution and I wish you all a very fruitful

conference of Hope and Opportunity and for the ones

visiting Curaçao: welcome to this beautiful, sunny and relaxing island.

Enjoy your stay and do not forget to visit our historical Willemstad, our downtown which is a real jewel on the Unesco World Heritage List. Thank you!